JULIAN GALLOWAY from Corpus Christi, TX who was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma on December 24, 2019 at 4 years old and battling! https://www.facebook.com/TeamJulianGalloway/

Julian started vomiting and visited the pediatrician three times with no relief. He initially was sick one or two times a week, but his parents rushed him to the ER after throwing up all weekend. A Doctor at Driscoll Children’s Hospital was concerned how long he had been sick and ordered a CT scan revealing the mass. They immediately sent Julian for a MRI confirming it was Medulloblastoma.

The very next morning on Christmas Eve, Julian had surgery to remove the tumor followed by therapy to regain speech and motor skills, in addition to learning how to eat again. After recovering, Julian went to MD Anderson for 30 treatments of proton radiation and 30 treatments of chemotherapy. Unfortunately a year later, he had a relapse. Surgeons successfully removed a tumor located in the frontal lobe, and then Julian underwent chemo to shrink other tumors in his brain and spine. He was No Evidence of Disease again for over a year until May 2023. Julian is receiving oral chemotherapy at home and hospital chemotherapy one day every other week.

Julian has been a non-stop ball of energy and laughter from day one. His infectious smile, funny facial expressions, sweet personality, and sense of humor makes everyone he meets love him immediately. Julian is all boy! He loves to play with dinosaurs, build Legos, and watch Chase on Paw Patrol. He also loves spending time with his younger Sister and older Brother showing them who’s boss. Julian recently toured NYC with NYPD & NY State Police and sworn in as a Honorary Officer.



Sarah Simons is a 9 year old fighting Stage 3 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma. She loves all things glitter, police, and llamas. Sarah is an honorary police chief as well as being an honorary deputy, officer and Texas Ranger.

She is the first ever honorary officer with the Montana Game Wardens. Sarah’s passion is running her Non Profit Organization ‘Sarah’s Warriors, The Officer Sarah Simons Foundation’ that supports fellow pediatric cancer fighters. She lives by her mantra, ‘Fight Like A Llama’.


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